Be Under Arms is a Russian band which plays Groove base with some Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal influences. Outstanding features of the band are the tandem of male and female vocals, themes of social and military orientation, postapocalyptic atmosphere and a modern urbania.
Be Under Arms has 4 full-length albums, a huge number of concerts, including 4 European tours, they shared the stage with Butcher Babies[US], Caliban[GER], Smash Hit Combo[FR], Infected Rain [ML], Jinjer [UA], and many others.

The band's history begins in 2013 when the joint forces of the vocalists Anna and Vladimir assembled a team of like-minded people and the band almost immediately recorded its debut single, «Way of the bullet». The second single «Panem et Circenses» was presented in September 2013. It was noticeable how the team combines many metal styles while creating something own.
In 2014 the band released the first full-length album «Let Shots be Your Music» which touched the Stephen King universes. Then the material undergoes some changes, and in April 2015 single «Locked and Bound» was recorded.
In March 2016, Be Under Arms released their second full-length album, «Doomed to Life». From that moment, the lyrics begin to show themes of social and military orientation. Then In the fall of 2016, the band presented a new single «Good Soldier - Dead Soldier». Then in January 2017 Be Under Arms released a single with a melodic ballads called «The Long Walk».
The album «Evil Tales of the Northern Country» was released in September 2017. This album continues to immerse listeners in the post-apocalyptic reality and the unusual world that the band creates.
In 2018, the single "Breathe This" was released, and then new album «Red Wave Is Coming» was released in April 2019, dedicated to various historical events in a non-standard vision. Experimental EP "Open Your Mind" with remixes of 3 tracks also released in 2019.
Having survived the pandemic and the line-up change, the band is preparing new material and releasing a single "The Blood Oath" which becomes the first hint of a new album. Then at the end of 2021 another single "The Cleaver"was released.
In 2022, the band released several covers and at the same time was preparing to record the 5th full-length album.
The release of a new album and several videos is planned in 2023.

Band Members
  • Vladimir Nasonov
    Founder & Singer
  • Anna Logacheva
    Founder & Singer
  • Dmitry Solo
  • Denis Vinitskiy
  • Dmitriy Kashirin
  • Vladislav Tsaruk
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